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Come join the fun

At HUP, we love to mix sports with fun. Loads of it. For everyone. For families with overexcited kids, bursting with energy. For those who can’t sit still, but still want to relax. Because relaxing can be hard work too. Feel like working up a sweat? Go hard at the squash court! Or in the sauna. It’s all good to us, it’s all energizing for you. 

Go crazy. Get wild

HUP Hotel is the spot to go crazy and get wild. Imagine two soccer fields stitched together. Got the picture in your head? That’s how much space HUP has reserved for fun and games. For relaxing and exercising.

Bounce on your bed, run down the corridor, slide down to the lobby. Challenge each other, in the bedroom or at the bowling alley. Finish in style with a great meal at HUP EET or with some drinks at the Sports Bar. Let’s see who makes it to the breakfast buffet first.