Let’s sweat together

Game on! Prepare for loads of encouragement at a group lesson. Work up a sweat as a team and love it. Does a group or music fail to motivate you? Our coaches will definitely get you moving. With cheers and posture corrections where needed. HUP only works with the best of the best coaches and offers diverse lessons and methods. Getting your game on is fun at HUP. And with no less than 65 classes, there’s always a class that suits you. 

Notifying is neat

Sign in for a group lesson and your spot is guaranteed. Indisposed? No problem, but please sign out. Your workout buddies will also appreciate that gesture. You can sign in and out via the link of HUP Member or download the MyLogiFit app at App Store or Google Play. 

ABS Attack

Work those abs! Muscle pain included. 

Juvenile fitness 

Fitness for ages 12-16 under the supervision of a coach. Learn the rules and the ropes.


Is it a dance or is it a workout? It’s Zumba: rapid dance movements to Latin-American music.  

GRIT Strength

Intensive workout of 30 minutes that deals with the large muscle groups through weights, barbell and steps.  

Active Aqua

Make a splash in the pool worth even more while. Active Aqua keeps you in shape while gently activating your muscles. 

CLUB Power

Power training through barbell. Challenge all important muscle groups and strengthen your body with barbells. 


An extreme core training that works you to, well, the core. Work out with the grind-filled tube and take on every core muscle. 

Kids Training

Fit class for kids in the ages 9-12. Here fun and sports are truly connected to the core. 

Active Balance

An active balance training that pays extra attention to your core. 


Alternating workout of 30 – 60 minutes in the HUP FunXtion zone. For all conditional levels. 

Boot camp

An extraordinary outdoor session. Rain or shine, treat yourself to a full body workout outdoors, aimed at strength and cardio. 

Indoor Cycling

A thrilling session filled with great music to cycle to. Get in shape and burn that fat under supervison of a heart rate monitor. 

Active Combat

Inspired by martial arts, so prepare for a fierce and vigorous workout that burns those calories right off. 

Badmin ton

A group lesson aimed at learning the technics and tactics of badminton. 


Find the right balance between body and soul, heart and mind. With a focus on deepening, breathing and relaxing. 

Body Balance

An active, harmonious workout for body and mind. Here, yoga, t’ai chi and pilates entwine.

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