let's play

Unleash your kids and unleash your inner child. Have a ball. No really, have a ball! In the PLAY area, you’ll find them in any shape and size. Bowling balls, golf balls, miniature golf balls … Or get your kicks on for a game of interactive soccer. It’s GAME ON for all ages. Resistance is futile: we’re sure you’ll bounce right back. 

Play Indoor

Challenge yourself in 10,000 square feet of sports and FUN. Hit a hole-in-one on the mini golf course, beat your friends on the tennis court or test your soccer skills on the interactive soccer wall.

Prefer blocks to balls? Then swing into Monkeytown or build your finest creation in the LEGO corner.

Throw that strike

Let's get the party started

Get on your bike

free children care during a stay at HUP and at HUP Sport