Teamwork makes the dream work

HUP loves coaching. We’re here to lend a helping hand to all teams. At HUP you can change your perspective of your workmates by becoming teammates. Or opponents. Let’s see how that works out. Here, there are no penalties for stepping on some executive toes on the soccer field. You get applauded for playing games with your colleagues. It’s all in good fun. Nothing a drink at the Sport Bar can’t fix. Especially if you ball it all out together at the bowling area. That’s how you build winning teams.

Up for the HUP way of teambuilding in the region of Eindhoven, the Netherlands?

HUP Challenge

Who will hit the first hole-in-one? Or who makes sure the ball hits the SUTU football wall the hardest?

Our HUP coach is ready to guide you to the finish line. At your own level. As long as you're having fun. Because having fun makes everyone feel better. Stand face to face with colleagues during a game of table football. It's game on! POOL, DART, GOLF, DRIBBLE & SCORE your self drowsy. The Challenge has a duration of +/- 1.5 hours.