Work up a sweat at HUP 

Sports have to be fun. Sorry, we’re dead serious about that one. We’re sure you can find a fun sport here. Whether you’re a member of HUP Sport or a hotel guest, there’s always an activity that suits your needs. An activity that truly puts a smile on your face. And at times a fresh coat of sweat on your back. Getting a bit tired of exercising? Take a well-deserved break in one of our saunas, the pool or at the Sports Bar. Because at HUP relax time is always included. 

We love playing games with you

But only if it’s a fun game of squash, basketball, indoor soccer or tennis. Rather challenge yourself? Go work out at the gym or join a class. We’ve got the facilities, you’ve got all the freedom to try them out. Don’t forget to get seriously involved in some indoor playfulness at the PLAY area. Or scratch that active itch outside. Amateur and professional soccer players alike have a field day at our training fields. Discover the lush green décor by foot or bike. Don’t worry about the kids. They’ll work up a healthy appetite horsing around and making treehouses. 

FITNESS for your LIFE 




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