Have fun

HUP is a hotel and sports club where we mix sports with a huge scoop of fun. Here, everything goes. Play all you want. We have all the space you need. Play games, play sports. It’s up to you. Fitness, bowling, cycling, tennis, soccer, golf, basketball, and more. Do as you please. Or do nothing at all. Just take a break and relax. Anything to get your game on. 

Catching Z’s is great at HUP. But there is so much more to us than a good night’s rest. Playtime isn’t over until you decide you’ve really seized the day at HUP. Then it’s time to head back to your room and kick back. Well, you might find some more things to play with first. Aaaaah. Now, you’ve really earned your sleep. You’ll need it too. Before you know it another fun-filled day is waiting for you. Here we go! Or as we say in Dutch; HUP!

Game on!

Even though we live sports, we’re not deadly serious about it. Sure, we have fantastic sports facilities and professional soccer fields. Sure, the entire hotel is peppered with athletic features. But don’t take things too seriously. They are all meant to make you smile. That’s the game we like playing most. And the game is spelled F.U.N. Just be you. Do things at your pace. Have fun with it. That’s what makes you better. 

Come Play & Stay

Your number 1 goal at HUP is to have loads of fun. Together with your family, your colleagues, and your team. What is it that brings out your inner child? Is it the indoor miniature golf, the bowling alley, or one of our many slides? Even our conference rooms are decked out with ball pits and ping-pong tables. Add a healthy dose of good food and drinks and you’ve got the formula that will make you want to Play & Stay at HUP over and over again.

Do as you please

With up to 10.000 m2 of HUP space, there is no escaping the fun here. More concrete: that’s about two soccer fields stitched together. Get the idea? HUP is HUP Sport, HUP Grill & Bowl, and HUP Meet. Staying, playing, bowling, grilling, meeting … it’s all HUP. And be sure to throw in some chill time in the sauna or swimming pool. This is the perfect hotel for a weekend getaway with friends or family. An excellent spot for a training camp, a kids’ party, a special meeting, or a fun night out. Come join in at HUP in Mierlo, The Netherlands. 


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  • Finalist Entree Awards 'Best Hotel Design' 2019
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  • Finalist Creative Belgium Award ‘Best Design’ 2019