Adventure awaits … let’s play! 

HUP is quite the busy fun town, indoors and outdoors. On our own premises, nearby or a bit further away. Whether you’re a fan of Mother Nature or more the cosmopolitan type. The cities of Helmond and Eindhoven are just a stone’s throw away. The HUP staff is more than willing to help you on your adventurous way. 

Let’s get active

Fun field trips

Want to show off your fittest side outside the HUP premises? Just some 25 kilometres away in Eindhoven you can get your rocks on. Even literally, at indoor boulder gym Monk, perfect climbing spot for rookies and pro’s alike. Skateboarding is not a crime! Especially in Area51 skatepark, one of Europe’s largest indoor skate parks. Have fun practicing your ollies, kickflips and backsides or simply enjoy watching others perform awesome board tricks.

Close to boulder gym Monk at the trendy Strijp-S district: the Enversed Virtual Reality Center, with 9 rooms and even more experiences, Europe’s biggest VR-centre. Go on a virtual paragliding trip, escape a burning building or flip burgers. But most important: have tons of fun with it. 

Is all this activity getting a bit too much to handle? Go visit the PSV stadium for some behind-the-scenes soccer fun. Stadium tour, museum filled with club relics, drinks in gastropub ‘De Verlenging’ (‘Overtime’). An absolute score!  

Eindhoven, design city!

Urban vibes 

Eindhoven. City of industry. City of industrial design. Not only during the world-renowned, must-visit Dutch Design Week, held every October. Every day. Eindhoven. It’s an acquired taste. But once acquired, you’re hooked for life.

Downtown to Strijp-S, former epicentre of multinational Philips, to the design domain of Piet Hein Eek. Eindhoven offers the perfect surroundings for a great stroll. The industrial heritage harbors plenty hip & happening hotspots to satisfy your appetite for food, drinks and shopping. It’s time to discover Eindje!

Follow that trail

Nature outings that are fun for all ages 

No better fun than outdoors fun. Lucky you! HUPs hometown Mierlo is surrounded by woods. And we may consider the Moor of Strabrecht our everchanging neighbour. Go for a leisurely stroll or take your mountain bike and run yourself ragged.

Be aware of leprechauns! No kidding. Leprechauns have made themselves a real home at the Moor of Strabrecht. They leave their small footprints here and there but are hardly seen or heard. Gather your best detectives at Moor Café De Strabrechtse Heide for an expedition on the Leprechaun trail. Keep your eyes peeled.

Wild animals, waterslides: here we come

Big fun for small kids 

So … you have some restless, hyperactive offspring? Time for you to meet the overexcited residents of Dierenrijk Nuenen. This animal kingdom is home to creatures big and small. From elephant to meerkat: the cuteness is real! And just a 15 minutes’ drive from HUP.

Take a half hour’s drive in the opposite direction and you’ve arrived at theme park Toverland. Magical fun for kids of all ages. Are you sure your stomach is up for a ride in the hottest rollercoaster Fenix? And the theme park fun doesn’t have to stop here. HUP is also just a 45 minutes’ drive away from De Efteling. If ever there was a place to spot some leprechauns … 

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